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Animal Art

Heart Moments, beautiful beasts and the Victims of the Animal Kingdom.

The beauty and teaching's our fellow earthlings give, just by their very presence vs the destruction to their lives by human selfishness.

To connect to the essence of an animal, to the meanings of the creature's presence in our life's. 

To show the aspects within the animal kingdom that may not always be pretty, 

artwork that not only portrays the beauty within nature but the cruelty that is forced upon it, 

weather by aggression, naivety or pure arrogance or indifference for life.

A little insight into a world around us that doesn't have a voice necessarily, 

but does have a sound, 

the whistle through the trees or the creeks as they dance while the roots move to the shifts of the earths rythym, 

the birds song in the morning or the crows chatter in the evening, 

the howl to the moon that mainly our canine friends do but many more have welcomed the calling... 

To show the vulnerability of a creature 

even within those of us at the top of the chain. 

in mammals, their instinctively caring and healing ways without forgetting their strength, grace and instinct to survive.

To display the creatures at play as well as the victims of man's game.

Be Brave

Oil on Canvas, 

The Stag - Drawing

A3 Pen Drawing

Polar Family

Oil on Canvas, 10" x 12" 


Oil on Canvas, 20" x 39"


Gorilla  Portrait 1

A3, Pen Drawing

Morning Ripples

Oil on Canvas, 30" x 20" 

Snoopy - Drawing

A3 Pen Drawing, NFS

In Memory of one of my own Beloved Pets

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