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Shamanic Art

World Joys, Depths and Divisions.....


These are themes I began in my late teenage years

but slightly swirled away from over time 

and each time I return they have grown and transitioned

with my life over time.

Where I investigate the world,

positive and negative, the yin and yang to life,

 the world in it's beauty and in its death.

The light and the dark co-existing alongside each other, 

one unrecognising the other but both non existent without the other.

The connections we make through heart but also the disconnections,

the groups and where the individual stands.

At times a concentration on the individual in a crowd, 

where is the vibrancy and power of one,

 to the mass of many that seems to consume.  

Life's lessons through Mother Earths teaching's.

The Villains in life - Ego, Pride, Greed, Anger, Jealousy, Stress, Fear.

The Savours in Life - Love, Care, Giving, Sharing, Gratitude, Connected, Birth and Death. 

Working with the archetypes, spirits, gods and beyond. 

Painting Art to stir the emotions and maybe people to question or take action.

"Roots Interconnectioned" Series


Heart Connected

Oil on Canvas, 20" x 30"

 "Interconnections & Divided Worlds" Series

Ciara Art Story 🔥 11.jpg

The Cocoon (acrylic paint on top of print)

A3 Etching Print & Acrylic Paint



A3 Etching Print

Ciara Art Story 🔥 12.jpg

Graveyard Etching (1)

A4 Etching Print

Ciara Art Story 🔥 13.jpg

Born Individual

Oil on Canvas, 20" x 20"


Ciara Art Story 🔥 14.jpg

Life's End

Oil on Canvas, 39" x 30"


Ciara Art Story 🔥 16.jpg


A3 Etching Print

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