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Interconnections & Divided Worlds

World Joys, Depths and Divisions.....

Where I investigate the world,

positive and negative, the yin and yang to life,

the groups and where the individual stands.

The connections we make through heart but also the disconnections,

Life's lessons through Mother Earths teaching's but mankind's mistakes.

The Villains in life - Ego, Pride, Greed, Anger, Jealousy, Stress, Fear.

The Savours in Life - Love, Care, Giving, Sharing, Gratitude, Connected, Birth and Death. 

"Roots Interconnectioned" Series

Heart Connected

Oil on Canvas, 20" x 30"

 "Divided Worlds" Series

The Cocoon (acrylic paint on top of print)

A3 Etching Print & Acrylic Paint

Born Individual

Oil on Canvas, 20" x 20" (Sold)

Graveyard Etching (1)

A4 Etching Print

Embelm of Motherhood

Oil on Canvas, 30" x 20"

Where Am I?

A3 Etching Print

The Cocoon (Black and White Print)

A3 Etching Print

Life's End

Oil on Canvas, 39" x 30"


A3 Etching Print


A3 Etching Print

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