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Nature in all it's glory, the pure wonder. 

Drawings and Paintings depicting Nature and the world around us.

The Earth - leaves and foliage, to the woods and mountains,

Fire - flames, lava, ash and embers,

Water - our rivers & oceans, from the surface to the depths below and the seashores,

Air - our skies, sunsets, sunrise and the Moonlit night sky


The Spirit of Mother Earth depicted through my eyes

And the realms of Father Sky.


I paint from dreamy ideas

and my photography studies,

photos that I have taken which may have a wee surprise in the capture.

Naturally caught characters, some with meaning and some for fun. 

To display or portray from realms in between reality and other worlds.

displaying from an unrealistic perspective.

For a demo here is a photo I captured in West Cork, displaying the wind being blown by ..... 

This was the seed for painting Father Sky below...


Photo study, Ciara Curtin

Photo Taken Near the Vee in Tipperary

Seeing something in nature that resembles something else

and creates story to the mind.....


Father sky, oil painting, Ciara Curtin

Father Sky

Oil on Canvas

30" x 20"


Dancing Trees n sunlit leaves, Ciara Curtin painting

Dancing Trees n Sunlit Leaves

Oil on Canvas

20" x 30" 

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