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2019 Summary

At the end of every year I like to look back,

on the joyful moments,

how does the year make me feel,

what could I change, if anything,

where I am in life and where I'd like to take it...

So..... concentrating on my art,

I would 100% like to spend more time painting,

mixing mediums into powerful colour potions,

to spread onto a canvas and whirl into another world,

through visionary impulses, imagination, dreams

and the experiences from the world around me as they

push inwards looking for a response

whether that be to chose to react in the moment

or to push back and live.

I would like to delve deeper and really paint from the heart,

but given time to delve and not to rush, not to race to the finishing line,

but also to know and be able to feel clearly where that finishing line is.

I would like to be braver and step into advertising with my artwork,

to maybe venture into progress videos

and maybe share a little more of behind the scenes aswell as the highlights.

To share my words with my art, the part that isnt always seen.

It's a process like anything else,

we learn, we discover where we are in our learning and we grow.

Above are some of the art works of 2019

and below some of the drawings of paintings in the making.

Being without a studio for a period of time,

had my heart overcome by ideas that this year spilled out onto canvas,

meaning this year I grounded myself with my ideas

and now have 40 canvases backed up to paint.

One which has been with me to create for some time now,

which will combine two of my most loved topics,

Animals and the Celtic Ruins of Ireland,

both allowing me to delve deeper into compassion and to my history.

Here's to 2020 and the growth it will rain apon me....

I feel it will be my year of expanding.

Thankyou all for your support

I wouldnt be able to continue or be able to share all

with out you beautiful people,

who see in my art

something you agree with or appreciate.

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