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Father Sky

When I looked up and saw your shape,

Emerging from the marshmallow land.

The glee in my heart took flight to escape,

And My body reaches out to touch with hand.

As if you were here, physically real,

And not a trick or play of the mind.

Such hope is stirred,

And a seed is sown.

You are photographed,

So I am no clown.

The land beyond the here and now,

The mind unconscious roams afar,

Where the heart is supported at flow,

The spirit free to feed and roar,

And we dream a sweet dream...

To be fed in life,

A whole and balanced meal.

Fear cut with a knife,

Clearing a path so real,

Allowing an eagle flight to destiny.....

To Trust in our inner selves,

The hardest part to play.

To love unconditionally delves,

A connection to Gaea.

The truth leading us home.....


Ciara Curtin


This was a painting inspired by the unedited photo you see below, caught in west Cork.

I love seeing shapes within or faces in items,

sometimes wee messages travel with

to enlighten ones spirit,

and in All....Showing the connection to all.....

Looking forward to the next painting and the journey within.....

Thankyou for reading :)

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