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Logo - Celtic Dragonfly Transforms

I have had the idea for my logo for a while now,

but it did not come to me for some time,

as I rambled with different approaches to my art,

and maybe, not fully aware at the beginning,

of where my art was rooted, where I or it was taking me,

when your simply playing with paint and stumbling across techniques

or forming your own way of doing it!

Dragonflies have followed my journey with a while now,

enchanting my bodywork business,

Adaptability and transformation in its wings,

only fitting for the wee being to continue it's journey with me.

My celtic theme, even though it has been with me years,

through differing techniques or moods of dark to bright colours,

It feels like it's only at the beginning,

I'm having great enjoyment working on the Celtic Gathering series right now,

one that has brought a mix of colours and techniques together,

aswell as combining two of my favourite themes together,

that of the animal kingdom and the celtic ruins of Ireland.

Heres to continuing the journey,

I hope you enjoy the journey with me,

Thankyou, as always, for your support 💚💚

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