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Updated: Sep 28


The Windows of the soul

such large brown circles hold,

within a black and white shell

and a heart of pure gold.

Laughter and happiness on four paws,

Loved unconditionally to his pink core.

A teacher of patience and life's laws

while time evades, stands a cure.

In my heart and hands he trusts,

as his health falters and descends

but one true thing still bursts,

Memories allowing loves ascend.

by Ciara Curtin.

New Years day I surrendered to the sketchbook and completed a Drawing of Snoopy,

a pet that has left this physical plane but not my heart.

As my first post I only saw it right to be of one being who has truly inspired and been a specalular teacher.

Forgive my first attempt back at writing, I am somewhat Rusty...

I hope you enjoy.

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