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The Stag

The Stag

A creature of strength and power,

a graceful being both day and night,

blossoming with time like a flower,

always ready to take flight.

An animal with a proud stance,

a symbol of love and kindness portrayed,

spreading peace with one glance,

so unconceivable to be betrayed.

In the past and the present,

through this world and another,

the recycling of life is transcend,

as autumn grows a new antler.

From beyond the fertile Cernunnos,

waving wisdom and nobility as a flag,

Motherearth allows and answers generous,

for within nature stands the Stag.


Ciara Curtin

My second writing of the year. Slowly regaining my vocabulary, a bizarre feeling to be trusting the mind through the pen with words again, a world I had not journeyed in some time., certainly out of practice, however I am enjoying my time with pen and paper, however hard it is at times to be within that moment, undisturbed, as we live in a world where time tables rush us forward, where our minds are lead to concentrate on things not of the present, some unworthy of the thought space, most are past tense or future, searching for that path, one which needs no seeking.

Thankyou for your patience as I reroot and grow my mind to the world of words.

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